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Hydraulic Decoiler With Coil Car


A device that uses the lifting force generated by the uncoiler hydraulic station to overcome the self weight of the coil and the material bearing platform to realize the vertical lifting, and uses the torque generated by the deceleration motor to overcome the self weight of the coil and the material bearing platform and the friction force generated by the guide rail to move horizontally. Its lifting weight and walking speed are determined by the size of the oil cylinder and the speed of the motor respectively.


Hydraulic coil car , or you can call it hydraulic trolley , it used for uncoiling large and heavy materials, it is commonly used as loading auxiliary equipment. Normally, customer will equip coil car when the weight of coil above 3T .

  • Coil car forward and backward speed: 4 m / min
  • Carrying capacity : 3000kg-20000kg
  • Lifting stroke: 300 mm
  • Driving power: Taiwan Rongbang gear reduction motor drive chain wheel drive

Full Specification

Motorised Decoiler With Coil Car
Type (MAS - MDHE) Material Width (mm) Material Thickness (mm) Coil I.D.I.A (mm) Coil O.D.I.A (mm) Coil Weight (kg.) Line Speed (m/min) Motor (HP) Coil Expansion
x 200 to 500 2 440 -550 1200 3000 18 3 .0 Hydraulic
600 to 1000 600 to 1000 2 445-550 1200 5000 18 7.5 Hydraulic
1100 to 2000 1100 to 2000 2 440-550 1200 22000 18 10 Hydraulic
2100 to 5000 2100 to 5000 2 440-550 1200 25000 18 15 Hydraulic
5000 to 1000 5000 to 10000 3 440-550 1500 25000 18 20 Hydraulic

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